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The project funded by the German Research Association and jointly run by the German Archaeological Institute and Lübeck University of Applied Sciences aims at investigating the Hydrology and Water Management of the Heraion. Structures of hydraulic engineering and the environmental hydrology of the site will be studied in an integrated way to explain the development of the site, the background of the cultus and supply problems or changes caused by droughts and floods.

Three research questions are investigated:

  • Which impact does the Imbrassos river have on the Heraion site? Did floods affect the site in the past?
  • Which role did groundwater play? Did springs supply the site and did this supply change as a result of drought, climatic change or land use changes?
  • How did the water supply system work, where did the water come from, how vulnerable was the water supply system?

A bibiographic database will be developped. There is an internal report page of the DFG team.


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